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God With Us


Parents, use this guide to help you talk with your Loop student about their spiritual journey!

Series Overview

We’re kicking off the Christmas season at The Loop Show, and we’re decking the halls with more than fluff. Your students will be exploring the heart behind Christmas—generosity. God gave us His Son, Jesus, which was the best gift ever. So, in response, we’re learning to live generous lives that point back to Him.

Bible Plan

What is Generosity?


Jesus showed us generosity when He gave us His life. Key Verse: John 3:16 NASB

  • What’s your takeaway from this series? (Look for any remaining gaps in your child’s understanding of generosity.)

  • What are some ways you’d like our family to be generous? (Take some time to share your family values around generosity. This is a great age to make your child a part of your family’s giving practices.)

  • What’s one thing I could do as your parent to be a better example of generosity? Asking for feedback from your child can feel risky, but it’s a great way to create space for honesty and vulnerability in your relationship. That’s going to be key to staying spiritually connected with your student through this important phase in their spiritual development.)

God With Us


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