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The Devil


Parents, use this guide to help you talk with your Loop student about their spiritual journey!

Series Overview

We often forget about it. Some of us don’t really think it exists. But the reality is, the spiritual world is a very real thing, and the Bible has a lot to say about it. The goal for this series is to help students know the supernatural battle is real, but God gives us the strength, weapons, and tactics to overcome it.

Bible Plan

The Supernatural


Satan and spiritual warfare are very real. He will use his army and forces of evil to try to attack you. We do not have to be afraid because God is stronger.
Key Verse: Ephesians 6:12 NIV

  • What stood out about your experience in Loop this week? (Starting with very open-ended questions may give your child the opportunity to share something you might miss with direct questions.)

  • What are some everyday things we trust in even though we can’t see them? (Talk about things like gravity, the sun coming up each day, and even the trust we have based on relationships.)

  • What are some questions you have about the supernatural world? (If your child expresses questions about things you can’t explain, this is a great opportunity to talk about what we can do about spiritual things we don’t know—we can search for answers in the Bible. If your child expresses doubts about whether any of it is real, this is a great opportunity to assure them that wrestling with their faith is an important part of growing their faith and making their faith their own. Help them know it’s safe to express their questions and doubts to you by responding in a calm and non-defensive manner.)

The Devil


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