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Parents, use this guide to help you talk with your Loop student about their spiritual journey!

Series Overview

We often forget about it. Some of us don’t really think it exists. But the reality is, the spiritual world is a very real thing, and the Bible has a lot to say about it. The goal for this series is to help students know the supernatural battle is real, but God gives us the strength, weapons, and tactics to overcome it.

Bible Plan

The Supernatural


Now that you know about the full armor of God, put it on, use it, and take a stand against Satan’s attacks. Key Verse: Ephesians 6:13 NIV

  • What were your overall takeaways from this series? (Look for any remaining gaps in your child’s understanding about the supernatural and spiritual warfare.)

  • What are some ways you could apply the things you learned about protecting yourself spiritually in your daily life? (Use this time to just explore some options. You can suggest a few from your own life, but your child may be more likely to act on steps they come up with.)

  • Of all the options we just thought of, what is just one that we can make into a new habit together? How can I help? (Loop students are beginning to take ownership of their spiritual growth. Posturing yourself as someone who is there to help and support but not to dictate or force is a great new balance to find together. Picking just one action step, along with your commitment to help the way they asked for it, will help your child experience success in owning their own growth.)



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